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How To Eat Healthy While Traveling

While traveling for leisure or business, healthy eating can sometimes take a backseat to finishing a project or getting out and exploring the town. The next thing you know, you’ve eaten comfort food for days on end and not a single vegetable in sight. According to a 2017 article by Forbes, “44% of business travelers say they’re way more likely to eat unhealthy foods on the road than when they’re at home”. Fortunately, it is now easier than ever to maintain your healthy diet while traveling for business or pleasure with these No fail tips!

Cooking Is Still the BEST Way to Maintain a Healthy Diet.

Accommodations like Vacation Crashpad home sharing services, makes it easier than ever

before to cook your meals right at home. Unlike most hotels, the benefit of home sharing

services is your access to a kitchen to store your groceries and prepare meals. Not only is

cooking going to save your money in the long run but cooking your meals at home ensures that

you know what kind of nutrition goes into the food that you prepare. Meal planning is a big part

of saving time and effectively getting in your required food groups into each meal. In addition,

meal planning is effective in managing dietary restrictions that would otherwise be hard to

accommodate at restaurants. Spend just one day a week planning and prepping meals ahead of

time into grab and go containers. Your wallet and body will thank you later.

Skip the Grocery Store and Order Grocery Delivery

So, you have decided that meal prepping will work for you but spending precious time in the

grocery store is not feasible? No Worries! Smart phone apps make it more accessible than ever to have fresh groceries delivered right at your front door. Some of the most popular apps include but are not limited to Amazon Fresh and Instacart. Well known grocery stores are also offering

grocery pick up for a small nominal fee. With these apps and services, you can choose the grocery items that you need and schedule delivery or pick up ahead of time to arrive right when you need it and essentially save you time. Grocery delivery or pick up is a great way to maintain

social distancing in a new city and receive the household items you require in a flash.

Up Your Healthy Meal Cooking Game with Meal Subscription Services

Have you always wanted to try cooking new and exciting meals in the kitchen but not bother

with finding the ingredients? Traveling is the perfect time to subscribe to meal delivery services

and try your hand at gourmet healthy and easy meals. There are currently hundreds of meal

subscription services that offer a variety of cuisines and special categories such as vegan, non-

dairy, gluten free and more. With quick research, you can subscribe to your meal subscription

service of choice and have great meals delivered right to your vacation property. For a list of the best Meal Delivery Subscription services in 2020, click HERE.

Apps and Social Media for Finding Healthy Meals Near You

Food from your favorite restaurants on demand is a thing and there’s no better time than travel to try it out. Apps like Yelp, Grub Hub and Uber Eats are great ways to search for healthy meals by category near you, see what locals are saying and recommending at restaurants and have healthy meals delivered right to your door. Not only do these apps allow you to find healthy meals near you but also helps you to support local restaurants and delivery workers at a time where so many small businesses could use a helping hand.

Additional Healthy Eating Tips for Travel:

  • Always Prioritize Breakfast. Starting the day with a full stomach aids in your focus, productivity and stops mindless eating through-out the day.

  • Everything in Moderation. Traveling is often the best time to try new cuisines. Don’t be afraid to on a local specialty but be mindful about what you consume on a regular basis.

  • Don’t Forget Water. When you’re on the go, you may forget to drink. Carry a reusable bottle with you to get in your water intake.

  • Snack Smart. If you’re unable to prep meals and eat healthy all day long, it may be easier to pick up a healthy snack option like fresh fruit and raw veggies from a local market or grocery store.



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