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Money Saving Tips To Save You Hundreds On Your Next Vacation Rental

In the past few years, vacation rentals have grown in popularity among travelers. According to Statistics, “In the vacation rentals segment, the number of users is expected to amount to 57.0M by 2023”. They offer the comfort of a hotel with the bonus of a home like feel. Plus, amenities like a full kitchen and space for multiple travelers to gather is an added bonus. Yet, as vacation rentals gain their popularity and compete with big name hotels like Hilton and Marriott; the expense per night has also seen a hefty increase. In this article, we are going to share a few of our best money saving tips to save you hundreds on your next vacation rental.

Weigh the Pros and Cons for Long Term Stay Options

Vacation rentals make for great long term accommodations for extended business trips, travelers’ looking to move to another location temporarily, and families wanting to change their surroundings during remote learning. Vacation rental companies offer some pretty hefty discounts for long term patrons and its always best to ask the host about your options if you may be planning to stay for an extended amount of time.

Rates can range from as little as a few dollars to half off per night with a long term stay package. If you are able to extend your stay, weigh the pros and cons of the cost that you will cut by doing so. For example, if you are visiting a destination for 11 days, ask the host about the cost difference of booking for two weeks. Another example is booking a property for 30 days instead of 20. This option works best for flexible travelers but adopters of this method can often save hundreds of dollars off the total cost.

Book Accommodations in a Group

Whether traveling with extended family, friends or for business-- one of the best and most common ways to make vacation rentals worth the cost is by splitting the costs amongst a group. Whereas a hotel can cost you hundreds of dollars per night for one room, vacation rentals often times offer multiple room units for the same nightly rate that can be split between a group of people. Many vacation rental companies now often offer a way to split payment in separate invoices so that you only pay your share.

Search for Discounts and Rebates

Vacation Rentals have some great searchable discounts and rebates to help you cut costs. By searching “Vacation Rental Company name + discount” you will likely be able to find a couple of dollars off of your stay. However, if there are no discounts; there are still ways to cut costs on your stay. Consider the type of travel or point system credit cards and weigh the pros and cons of booking with that form of payment.

Many cash back cards offer a percentage of cash back for booking accommodations that range from hotels to vacation rentals. If you are unsure, call your customer service rep beforehand to confirm.

A vacation is also a great time to sign up for a new credit card with cash back or a points system. Spending a certain amount of money within the grace period will get you redeemable points to use for future travel and save you more costs. Be sure to research the best card for your needs and use responsibly as a best practice.

Communicate with Property Owners

So, credit cards are not your thing and online discounts are nowhere to be found? No worries! Did you know that you can negotiate with most property owners prior to booking? It’s much more simple than you think. After finding the property that meets your needs, simply search for an email for the host or contact them directly through the platform. The best times to negotiate with your host are: Longer term stays, during low season at your destination, when staying at a property that’s new to the platform you’re using, or if your stay is an early booking.

Consider your Flexibility

If your travel schedule is flexible, then you will have access to some of the best savings on vacation rentals. Just like hotels, vacation rentals respond to price increases during high seasons or if the destination in which they are in becomes popular among tourists. Additionally, location and proximity to tourist attractions and urban cities also make a difference. The best way to save hundreds is to have flexibility. Consider if you are willing to book a rental that is further outside of the city but an easily drivable distance or if you can change your travel dates to stay at a destination when tourism isn’t so high (off or shoulder seasons). If so, you’re likely to see a dramatic drop in the nightly rate.

Bonus Tip: Know the Facts

One way that first time Vacation rental users often lose their savings is not knowing all of the facts prior to booking. Be sure to pay attention to the fine print. These sections of the booking information holds info on cancellation, cleaning fees, taxes and other expenses. What you may save on the nightly rate can double in fees if you are not careful when booking. Search around on other booking sites to see where those additional fees vary. You could find savings by avoiding some of those hidden costs.

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