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What You Should Know About Preparing for a Multi-Week Business Trip

So, you’re headed on a multi-week business trip but you’re unsure of what to pack? Preparing to live out of a suitcase for a length of time could feel like a heavy task but we are here to assist you. In a previous post (Ultimate Guide to Surviving Your First Business Trip), we discussed essentials to pack for a short- term business trip. Though, the packing list for all business length trips is more or less the same; we will be sharing how to effectively pack everything you need for your mid length business trip and make all your business trips a stress-free experience.

A medium length business trip is approximately 2-3 weeks long. Long enough to get settled in your accommodations but not quite long enough to bring everything including the kitchen sink with you. With these no fail tips, you’re on your way to preparing like a pro.

Less is still more. Don’t over pack!

In our previous post (What to Pack For a Short Term Work Trip), we mentioned that the less you pack for your trip, the easier it is to maintain your items and feel less overwhelmed while living out of a suitcase. The same rules apply here. In fact, with the less is more mentality, it will keep you more organized for spending a longer time living out of a suitcase. Need help narrowing your packing list down? Only pack for events that are certain in your itinerary. A lot of the time, over packing happens when we pack for events that may happen and that results in a checked bag and a week’s worth of unworn clothing. Save yourself the trouble and pack light.

Tip: Maybe consider choosing an accommodation that has a washer and dryer to minimize the amount of clothing that you need to pack in your carry on.

Mix and Match Staple Business Items

Business staples are a must to minimize your luggage. Building a capsule business wardrobe can assist with this. Look in your closet for color pallets, designs and pieces that work together well. Also, clothing that goes well from day time to evening time activity. This takes the stress out of what you will wear for each event on the itinerary and help you to minimize the clothing that you bring along.

Additional Packing Tip: Lay your outfits out for each day and pack them with packing cubes. This method gives you easy access to the items intended for each day and removes the stress of finding what you need each morning when living out of your suitcase.

Create A Checklist for Your Tech and Business Essentials

The last thing you want during an extended business trip is to leave any business essentials at home. The most important part of this trip is your job. So, creating a checklist of items will help you stay organized and avoid leaving anything important behind. Here are some items to consider adding to your checklist.

  • Laptop or tablet

  • Blue or Black Pens or writing utensils

  • Extra Business Cards (If you think you have enough, pack more)

  • A hard drive to back up content

  • A Planner or Legal Pad

  • Book bag or Brief case

  • Spare Cash

  • Several Copies of your Presentation

Bring A Personal Item from Home

During a business trip, it is often difficult to make your accommodations feel like home. Supplement that feeling with bringing something into your temporary space from home. A pillow cover of preference, travel sized humidifier or diffuser or your favorite coffee from a local roaster. Bringing familiar items on an extended trip reduces feelings of stress and anxiety and helps you better prepare to accomplish the tasks ahead. After all, your personal time after you clock out is just as important as your time in the office.

Stay Stress Free by Ordering Essentials Ahead

On business trips, it can often feel like you’ve hit the ground running and left little time to settle down. You can combat those feelings by ordering your essentials ahead of time. Ordering groceries, toiletries and other personal items to your room or temporary extended rental can keep you organized and help you to pack less for the ended stay. Travel sized toiletries often don’t work for trips lasting more than a week so ordering supplies ahead this is the perfect solution. In addition, delivering groceries can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is easy to get away from during business trips.

Bonus Tip: Traveling for Business Alone? Choose a dedicated space for work!

Traveling for business during Covid-19 looks much different than it has before. If you’re traveling for business alone, consider booking accommodations that have a dedicated work space or temporarily join a co-working space. When heading on an extended work trip, it is important to have balance between personal and business time on your schedule. For that reason, it is important to avoid bringing work to your personal space.

Consider booking a rental property with a home office or getting a short-term membership at a co-working space. This small change in your schedule will help you to shut down after work hours and keep your living space a stress-free environment.

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